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*Select from our 3 refreshing flavors and explore the Sipose experience. Be sure to take a look at other available products ready for redemption.

"Oh I Sipose"
Embossed Sweatshirt

Sipose Glass Set

Sipose Hat

Sipose Buff

Sipose Tee

Sipose Lanyard

Sipose Socks

Sipose Scrunch Socks

Sipose Bucket Hat

Sipose Trucker Hat

Sipose 2 Piece Set

Sipose Zip Up Hoodie

Sipose Beanie

Sipose Hoodie

Sipose Joggers

Sipose Oversized Tote

Extended Sipose Social Shoutout

Mystery Gift

Golden Hour (12 Pack)

Empire (12 Pack)

Nautical (12 Pack)

Redeem Now

*Select from our 3 refreshing flavors and explore the Sipose experience. Your affiliate should have provided you with a redemption code. Select your mood and follow the prompts to redeem your reward!

Redeem Now

*Select from our 3 refreshing flavors and explore the Sipose experience. 

Redemption Terms & Conditions

This page is dedicated to individuals who possess a redemption code from our crowdfunding campaign for Sipose Hard Seltzer™ and its range of products. You have the option to redeem all your rewards together or one by one. Kindly click on the appropriate link above to access your offers. Please ensure you have your personal redemption code on hand during the redemption process. This code is exclusive to you and cannot be utilized by anyone else for redeeming rewards. Sharing your code with someone else and them redeeming your rewards will not be compensated by Sipose.

Additionally, redemption codes distributed through a Sipose sales affiliate are ready for redemption. These unique codes will be distributed either via email or on a coupon card and can only be used once. Feel free to use these codes as you wish or share them with others. Please note, if you decide to give your redemption code to someone else and later wish to redeem it yourself, Sipose will not be liable for replacing the reward.

Reward Terms:

Depending on your reward tier, you could receive up to four free rewards. While all rewards displayed above are redeemable, some may entitle you to three free rewards. You can select any four rewards except for the 24-variety pack of seltzers. Opting for the 24-pack of seltzers allows you to claim three rewards in total, as it replaces receiving two twelve-packs. If you decide to redeem two 24-packs, your reward redemption will be restricted to those two choices.

The rewards redeemed through the campaign are restricted to a total of 2 items of the same type for each redemption - There are no exceptions for anyone, regardless of pledge type or the total amount of redeemable items. For instance, if you have the right to 4 Sipose HS merchandise items, you can choose to redeem 2 different items twice to reach 4 items. Alternatively, you can select 2 of one item, 1 of another, and 1 final item of another type to make up the total of 4 items when opting to redeem more than one of the same reward.


This rule also extends to backers eligible to receive 8 Sipose HS rewards. Following the rule of 2, you can choose 4 individual items twice each or a combination of 1 individual item and 2 items per individual reward, totaling 8 items overall.

Affiliate Redemption Terms:

Sipose Hard Seltzer affiliates may offer codes to new or current consumers of our beverage. These codes serve as rewards for loyal fans or newcomers to our seltzers. They are meant for single-use only and should not be sold. To be valid, the codes must be obtained through an official Sipose Hard Seltzer affiliate. The code may grant you access to our hard seltzers or another product from Sipose. These codes are unique and cannot be altered to claim a different reward.

Sample Terms:

Upon request, samples can be provided with the correct redemption codes. These samples are intended for one-time use only and cannot be redeemed thereafter. All sample codes accepted are either from a Sipose Hard Seltzer Affiliate or directly from the company. Sipose will not be responsible for redemption codes received outside these specifications. Please note that samples are optional and may be declined at Sipose Company's discretion. If we suspect the code is being misused, redeemed with improper intent, or not meeting our company's standards, we reserve the right to reject the code for redemption. 

Important Notice:

Redemption codes will be accessible immediately upon receipt and remain valid for one year from the date of acceptance. (e.g., if you received a redemption code on September 25, 2024, you can redeem it until the end of September 2025. However, starting from October 1, 2025, the codes will expire and become inactive in the redemption system.). If a code expires, Sipose will not provide a replacement for future use. If you decide to redeem rewards partially or leave some unredeemed beyond the expiration date, Sipose will not offer replacements for the forfeited rewards.

If you encounter a redemption code that is not functioning and has not been used before while redeeming rewards, kindly contact us at to report the issue. We will strive to resolve the matter and have your code operational within three business days.

Redeem Now

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